Founded by Carole Bamford, we create beautiful, English made, bath, body and skincare products using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients that nourish and re-energise body and soul.

Natural plant extraction The quality and detail first

Bamford offers the most complete selection of lifestyle products for customers who pursue detail and quality. Founder of Carole Bamford said, "I like to be a niche brand. We are small amount of production, attention to quality and detail, make products more perfect and refined." Bamford respect and create the art of life, and responsible for the creation of products, commitment all Bamford products are perfect for creating the most sincere and high quality series of products, which is Bamford to convey the image.

Bamford body care series using natural ingredients, contain a selection of aromatic essential oils, the aroma of fine and has a special effect. Bamford insists that the product is made entirely in the UK and does not contain preservatives, surfactants, artificial colors, mineral oils and synthetic spices, providing top-of-the-range maintenance options.

Taste the British aristocratic organic way of life

Based on the idea that "organic is not only beneficial to the natural environment but also has an excellent positive impact on our lives, it is true luxury." The idea that Carole Bamford is not only devoted a long time to charity activities to stop environmental damage, she also established Daylesford Organic to promote organic diet and culture in various fields such as farm, shop, restaurant, cooking classroom and so on. 4 years later, the formal creation of Bamford, wonderful interpretation of the organic concept of how to expand to the lifestyle and fashion areas, set off a whirlwind. "Bamford's inspiration comes from nature, and we cherish all the rare natural products of the world, so we can create a series of natural plant care products that really nourish the body, skin and soul." Through Bamford, Carole is actively promoting natural plants Extraction products, is committed to maintaining the traditional process and its heritage to the next generation.

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